About - Metalia India Metal Facades
Our Story

“We are renowned for our spectacular building skins with innovative planning and efficient installation, where we facture ambitious architectural one-offs true to the Architect’s original ideas.”
Kartikeya Batra, Founder


Metalia has set a new benchmark in the AEC industry in context to the luxury facade ecosystems. Metalia sets itself apart from competitors by combining four foundational columns on which the slab of success rests.
1. Innovative design, taking into consideration multiple viewpoints, especially the specifier
2. Anticipating the needs of the end users/homeowner
3. Timely response in all phases of the project
4. Above all, a customer-friendly approach to the client

Vision & Mission

Metalia is continuously working towards its vision to be the most eminent and renowned facade company in Asia by the year 2025, in a way that they’re trustworthy and esteemed enough to be well known over the world, yet boutique and unique enough to be well managed. We also envision maintaining our high-quality material procurement and handdown effective service, with efficient installation of metal facades.

How do we achieve this?

Excellence is not chased. It is manifested, created, and worked towards. By collaboratively working with designers, specifiers, and contractors and being efficient in all business activities, like being responsive to inquiries, more flexible to change requests, providing better service, and being more unconventional than our competitors, we pave our way to providing competitive solutions for all our valued clients.


The success of Metalia lies in its commitment to moral and cultural values;
• Priority is given to ethical values and fairness
• Providing a restful working atmosphere for our personnel, based on our culture codes
• Providing a democratic and tolerable ambiance within the company so that all personnel takes part in the management and control process
• Training and improving the abilities of the personnel
• Dedicated working habits of all the team
• Customer-friendly oriented management
• Following and applying the latest art of technology
• Aligning ourselves with the leaders of the sector
• Transparency with our clients, suppliers, and personnel
• Continuous improvement of quality and service

Quality and Innovation


Metalia employs a uniquely integrated, self-sufficient process encompassing custom design engineering, testing, fabrication, installation, and full life cycle maintenance of the building envelope. These processes are managed by well-trained metal craftsmen, design engineers, and facade architects.

Continuous development and innovation- this is what Metalia is committed to. All conceptual designs are catalogued in a multidisciplinary approach. The result is ongoing rethinking and ideation, reengineering, and continuous design improvement and thus, an exceptional knowledge bank. This helps us in our continuous design process to ameliorate every next project that we undertake.

Metalia is a young mammoth built over eight years by its visionary founder, Kartikeya Batra, who established the business in 2014, responding to the architectural trends in facade design and interior wall panelling solutions. Kartikeya and his talented team take complete responsibility for both- facade design and installation, making Metalia- India’s leading studio specializing in architectural metal envelopes and wall claddings.

Metalia is an Opulo group company, which primarily provides solutions for floor laminates, solid wood flooring and cladding products. Be it Engineered floors, Timber Decking, or Reconstituted Timber cladding Opulo meets the modern-day spatial design requirements for aesthetically pleasing, durable and high-quality luxury wooden floors.